14 Citrus Desserts: Lemon Desserts, Recipes with Oranges, and More


14 Citrus Desserts: Lemon Desserts, Recipes with Oranges, and More

Citrus desserts make the perfect summer treat. They’re light, fresh, and packed with sunny flavor. Plus, many fruits are in season during summer, so it’s easy to find delicious produce to turn into fresh citrus desserts during the warmer months. What makes these citrus desserts easy, you may ask? Well, we’re a fan of shortcuts to make all of our recipes fast and easy, so can be sure that you’ll be able to whip up these recipes for citrus desserts in no time!

Did you think you couldn’t enjoy citrus dessert recipes on your diabetic diet? Think again! We’ve collected these 14 Citrus Desserts so that you can enjoy as many lemon desserts and recipes with oranges as your heart desires! In addition to being sweet, fresh, and flavorful, these light citrus desserts are totally diabetic-friendly. So, you don’t need to feel an ounce of guilt as you browse these quick citrus desserts. Feel free to choose any of the recipes with citrus below, and enjoy!

We think all of these citrus recipes are amazing, but we do have a few favorites. Our Orange Dream Angel Cake is one of our (and our readers’!) all-time favorite healthy citrus recipes. And our Luscious Lemon Squares is one of our best recipes with lemon. But favoritism aside, we love all of these orange and lemon recipes! Which one of these desserts with citrus fruit is your favorite? Try one, try them all! Then let us know which one you love best.

Lemon Desserts

Lemon desserts are a classic favorite because they’re so versatile. From sweet and creamy to tart and zippy, lemon dessert recipes provide a range of flavors to delight your tastebuds. Be sure to make enough of these recipes to share, because lemon citrus desserts as light and flavorful as these are sure to become an instant classic in your recipe box!

Luscious Lemon Squares

Treat yourself to a little piece of sunshine! Our Luscious Lemon Squares look sunny and bright and have lots of lemony flavor. This is one great citrus flavored dessert to make for a picnic or summer potluck, 'cause it's a no-bake, make-ahead dessert. Plus, everyone will love it!

EDR Lemon Cake

This Lemon Cake is so tasty and beautiful, it's worthy of setting out on your prettiest cake stand or cake platter. This easy lemon cake recipe is made with some convenient sugar-free ingredients, so anyone watching their carbs and sugar intake can enjoy, too!

EDR Crustless Lemon Cream Pie

This isn't your ordinary fruit pie. No way! With the taste of tried-and-true lemon meringue pie, this Crustless Lemon Cream Pie is much simpler to make, and sure to work every time. That's why it's one of our favorite easy low-carb dessert recipes!

EDR Lemony Freezer Pops

Many childhood memories include making homemade freezer pops in paper cups. Well, we came up with a light and healthy version so that you too can enjoy the summery taste of Lemony Freezer Pops anytime you'd like. This frozen citrus dessert will take you back to your childhood and refresh your taste buds, all at once!

EDR Lighter Lemon Bars

Using sugar-free pudding mix, along with sugar-free gelatin and skim milk make these Lighter Lemon Bars something you can feel good about eating. Plus, that lovely lemon flavor is hard to beat!

Luscious Lemon Cookies

Brighten up your cookie platter with these Luscious Lemon Cookies. Low in fat and high in citrusy flavor, these cookies will be a hit no matter where or when you serve them! 

Pucker Up Lemon Pie

We hope you’re ready to receive lots of compliments, and maybe a kiss or two, ‘cause this recipe for Pucker Up Lemon Pie is going to impress them all. It’s a no-bake, diabetic-friendly pie that’s just the right amount of creamy AND lemony. Plus, since it’s made with lighter ingredients…there’s no guilt for anyone! 

Raspberry Lemon Mini Cheesecake

Bake up a batch of our Raspberry Lemon Mini Cheesecakes and find yourself immersed in tart citrusy flavor! These light cheesecakes are a perfectly portioned, low-carb mini citrus dessert, so you don't have to feel guilty about treating yourself!

Recipes with Oranges

Orange desserts are one of our all-time favorites. They’re just so fresh, light, and sweet. When you’re looking to bring a little sunshine into your life, just bite into one of these orange dessert recipes! Whether you make one of these recipes for citrus for yourself, your family, or a party, everyone will love them. Who could resist such fresh, unique treats?

Orange Cream Pie

This Orange Cream Pie is delightfully refreshing. By using fat-free and reduced-fat ingredients, you won't have to feel guilty after indulging in this fancy citrus dessert!

EDR Sweet and Tangy Bananas Foster

We've replaced the alcohol in this recipe for Sweet & Tangy Bananas Foster with fresh orange juice, but you won't miss it a bit. This lighter, healthier recipe with citrus zest is simply awesome. Plus, it's safe for anyone on a diabetes diet.

Orange Cream Smoothie

Start your day off with the contrasts of the tangy and creamy tastes of our Orange-Cream Smoothie, and you'll be on the right track no matter where you're headed. Or serve up this delicious smoothie recipe with citrus fruits as a light, refreshing dessert any time of the day.

Orange Dream Angel Cake

This cake is so light and so refreshing you'll think you've stepped into a dream. Truth is, our Orange Dream Angel Cake reminds us of those orange and cream pops we dream about in the summertime. And since this is a recipe with citrus peel, the orange flavor is fresh and sweet. You and your gang are going to love this no-bake dessert!

EDR Fruity Island Fantasy

Imagine taking your taste buds to a tropical island without leaving home! And better yet, know that this is a healthy dessert. Our Fruity Island Fantasy can be reality every time you throw it together!

Orange-Mango Cream

Orange-Mango Cream is simply sensational! What a super easy diabetic dessert that tastes decadent, but is as good for you as can be.

BONUS! Thought we forgot about lime desserts? Not a chance! We love recipes with lime, and we think you’ll love the ones we’ve picked out below. These lime dessert recipes are sweet, creamy, and perfect for a hot summer afternoon. Let us know which one is your favorite!

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